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Jack Duganne, the originator of the printmaking term giclée, is proud to announce the establishment of a studio in Santa Monica called Duganne Ateliers.
Duganne Ateliers is dedicated to the creation and development of the fine art digital image. We draw upon our many years of experience as master printers and artists working in traditional and contemporary printmaking media. This is our framework for producing work in the digital domain.

By Bringing the traditions of fine art printmaking into the world of creative digital imaging, our goal it to explore and further develop many exciting new types of printmaking. We see the magic in art stimulated by technology. The Duganne Ateliers process nurtures the creative relationship between the artist and the printmaker. The traditional collaboration between the artist and the master printer is just as essential today, in the digital electronic process, as it was when working on lithography stone or printing plate. It is the synergy between artist, printmaker, and media that contributes to the final signed work of printed art.

We begin with the vision of the artist. The representation of that vision could be in the form of an original piece of artwork done in any traditional media, photograph, or digital image.The original art is entered into our system via scanning or copying. The first of many transformations occurs as the artist and printmakers work with the images on the new 'electronic printing plate' of the computer workstation.
From these beginnings, the images are further converted to forms which can be proofed on various types of printers available at Duganne Ateliers. The proof is the only standard used at Duganne Ateliers to determine how an image should look either on the screen or in print. Color and form, shade and intensity, contrast and brilliance -- these are some of the many factors altered during the proofing stage which make the print come alive as the final vision of the artist unfolds.
Once a final color proof is printed and approved by the artist, it is designated as a B.A.T. from the French printmaking term 'bon á tirer' meaning 'good to print'. This proof is initialed and dated by the artist and placed in dark storage at Duganne Ateliers. It will be the print to which all other prints in that edition are matched. Using the B.A.T. as our guide, Duganne Ateliers proceeds with the printing of the final prints. After printing, we can apply either an invisible light and water-resistant coating, or , another, more durable and waterproof coating in a gloss, satin, or flat overprint varnish. These coatings are applied by incorporating silk-screen printing, roller coating, or spraying. The prints are then curated (cleaned), chopped (our embossing seal applied), interleaved with archival sheeting, and packed and shipped or held for pick-up here at the studio.

The printers we use for printmaking at Duganne Ateliers are state-of-the-art and uniquely adapted for printing on fine art materials. We use IRIS ink-jet printers for prints of extremely high resolution which can be printed in sizes up to 34x46 inched on essentially any surface. These printers are capable of printing an apparent resolution of 1800 DPI in a four color process color space which can generate over 16 million colors. Duganne Ateliers also uses a large format 12 color Series XII Colorspan printer for prints which can be printed much larger than the IRIS printers in sizes up to 72 inches wide by any length on select papers, canvases and textiles.
The coating equipment here at Duganne Ateliers is state of the art silk-screen printers and roller coasters which are used in conjunction with a new, exotic UV curing technology which allows us to apply fully waterproof coatings to paper or canvas in gloss, satin, and matte finishes.
Duganne Ateliers maintains a selection of fine art papers which are available and included in the price for prints at Duganne Ateliers. Canvases, exotic sheets, textiles and papers which are not stocked here can be supplied and charged to the artist at cost.

Please feel free to call Dugane Ateliers with your inquiries concerning pricing and image submission. We will forward to you a start-up packet of information with detailed pricing, acceptable digital formats, scanning options for original artwork (wither from traditional media or photographs), paper choices, order and release forms. We include a worksheet to simplify your choices, order and calculations. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have at this point, either by phone, fax, or e-mail. Once we receive your completed paperwork with a 50% deposit, we will immediately begin the creative process toward the realization of the first proof. The start- up packet will also include information about turn-around times and specialized needs like multi-media prints and rush charges.